Chapter 111: Council


Cross references

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  • Conflict of interest - see CHTR. Art. XII, Sec. 6

111.01   Regular meetings

Regular meetings of Council shall be either held in the Village Hall, or held virtually, when determined by Council or the Council President to hold a virtual meeting, at such time as established by Council, on the second and fourth Mondays of each and every calendar month, except that Council may cancel one of the monthly meetings, at its discretion. In the event there is no business to be considered by Council at the next regular meeting, the President of Council, upon notice to all other members of Council, the Mayor, Clerk of Council, Law Director and the Chief Administrative Officer, may cancel such meeting. Cancellation by the Council President shall be made no later than 4:00 p.m. on the Friday prior to the regularly scheduled Council meeting if cancellation was not declared at the last regular Council meeting.
(Ord. 2022-01. Passed 1-3-22.)

111.02   Special meetings

Special meetings of Council may be called by the Mayor, the President of Council or by any three members of Council by having the Clerk of Council serve written notice of the call of such meeting upon each member of Council, and upon the Mayor, in person or by delivering a copy thereof to the usual place of residence of such persons not less than twenty-four hours prior to the holding of such meeting. Such notice shall specify the time and place for the holding of such meeting.

111.03   Agenda for council meetings

  1. (1) Regular Meetings:

    1. (a) The agenda for regular Council meetings of Council shall be set by the presiding officer conducting the meeting.

    2. (b) The agenda shall be created by the Clerk of Council, at the direction of the President of Council, and Mayor, and distributed to the Mayor, Council, Chief Administrative Officer, and Law Director, along with any new legislation on the Friday preceding the regular meeting of Council.

    3. (c) Members of the public wishing to speak to agenda items must advise the Clerk of Council of their intent to do so by noon on the day of the Council Meeting.

    4. (d) Members of the public shall be permitted to speak to any matter not to exceed five (5) minutes.

    5. (e) Reports of the Mayor, Finance Director, Law Director, Chief Administrative Officer, Village Engineer, Police Chief and Fire Chief shall be presented at regular meetings of Council unless excused by the presiding officer.

  2. (2) Special Meetings:

    1. (a) Upon the direction of the President of Council or the Mayor, an agenda for any special meeting of Council shall be set and delivered to all officials required to receive agendas for regular meetings of Council, and as soon as possible before any emergency meeting of Council.
  3. (3) Agenda for Council Meetings:

    Agenda for Chagrin Falls Council Meetings
    Date / Regular, Special or Adjourned Meeting / Time

    1. (1) Moment of Silence/Pledge of Allegiance

    2. (2) Roll Call (action concerning absentees)

    3. (3) Reading and Disposal of Minutes

    4. (4) Administrative Reports

      1. (a) Mayor’s Report

      2. (b) Finance Director’s Report

      3. (c) Law Director’s Report

      4. (d) Chief Administrative Officer’s Report

      5. (e) Engineer’s Report

      6. (f) Police Chief’s Report

      7. (g) Fire Chief’s Report

    5. (5) Council Reports

      1. (a) Council Committee Reports

      2. (b) Commission Reports

    6. (6) Presentations to Council (when applicable)

    7. (7) Public Hearings (when applicable)

    8. (8) Members of the Public to Speak to Agenda Items (not to exceed 5 minutes per speaker)

    9. (9) Legislative Docket

    10. (10) Members of the Public to Speak to Any Matter (not to exceed 5 minutes per speaker)

    11. (11) Miscellaneous

    12. (12) Adjournment


(Ord. 2022-04. Passed 2-14-22.)