Chapter 1119: Districts Established; Zoning Map


Cross references

  • Record of Map - see P. & Z. 1113.05
  • Zoning Map changes - see P. & Z. App. B

1119.01   Districts

For the purpose of this Planning and Zoning Code, and to carry out its objectives, the following classification of districts is hereby established in the Municipality:

Title   Abbreviation
Conservation District   C
Park District   P
Institutional District   I
Residential Districts    
  One-Family 100 R1-100
  One-Family 60 R1-60
  One-Family 50 R1-50
  One-Family Cluster R1-C
  Two-Family R2F
  Attached Single Family ASF
  Multi-Family 10 RMF-10
  Multi-Family 15 RMF-15
  Retirement Living RL
Business Districts    
  Office Building O
  Retail Business R
  Central Shopping CS
Limited Industrial   LI
Overlay Districts    
  Residential Mixed Use RMU

(Ord. 2019-39. Passed 8-13-19.)

1119.02   Zoning map

The aforesaid districts are designated by symbols and the locations and boundaries of such districts are established on the Map entitled “Zoning Map of the Municipality of Chagrin Falls, or the Village of Chagrin Falls Zoning Map “, or similar title and referred to in the Planning and Zoning Code as the Map or Zoning Map. The notations, schedules and other information shown thereon and all amendments thereto are hereby made a part of this Planning and Zoning Code. The Map shall indicate the approval of the Planning and Zoning Commission and adoption by Council. The Map, or a print thereof, shall be on file with the Clerk of Council and the Administrator and shall be the final authority as to the status of current zoning map districts.
(Ord. 2019-39. Passed 8-13-19.)

1119.03   District boundary lines

The district boundary lines of the Map enclose an area of a designated district, and generally follow the center lines of streets, alleys, and lot lines or their extensions, provided, however:

  1. (a) Where a district boundary line is shown by dimension or relationship as being located a specific distance from and parallel to a street or property line, such distance shall control;

  2. (b) Where a district boundary line is shown as adjoining a railroad, it shall, unless otherwise fixed, be construed to coincide with the nearest boundary line of the railroad right of way;

  3. (c) Where a district boundary line divides a parcel of land, the location of such boundary, unless related to fixed points on the property boundary, shall be determined by scale, and the parts of the lot shall comply with the regulations of the district in which each part is located;

  4. (d) Where a district boundary line does not coincide with any of the aforesaid lines, and where it is not located by dimensions or fixed points shown on the Map, it shall be determined by the scale appearing thereon.

  5. (e) In locations where the Administrator cannot determine the district line in accordance with the above rules, the Board of Zoning Appeals shall determine the exact location.

  6. (f) Whenever any street, alley or other public way is vacated by official action of Council, the zoning district adjoining each side of such street, alley or public way shall be automatically extended to the center of such vacation and all areas included in the vacation shall then be subject to all appropriate regulations of the extended district.
    (Ord. 2019-39. Passed 8-13-19.)

1119.04   Annexed territory

All territory which may hereafter be annexed to the Municipality if already zoned shall be continued in its existing zone classification until amended in conformance with the procedure outlined in this Planning and Zoning Code.
(Ord. 2019-39. Passed 8-13-19.)