Chapter 1123: Park District


Cross references

1123.01   Intent

In addition to the applicable provisions of the objectives stated in Section 1105.03 of this Planning and Zoning Code, it is the intent of these district regulations to provide recreational land and facilities appropriately located and designed to serve primarily the local population in a safe and convenient manner while minimizing adverse impacts to adjoining residential areas.
(Ord. 2019-39. Passed 8-13-19.)

1123.02   Permitted uses

In a Park District, buildings and land shall be used by right for only the main and accessory uses set forth below.

  1. (a) Main Uses. Public parks, playgrounds and athletic fields; and swimming pools

  2. (b) Accessory Uses.

    1. (1) Off-street parking and loading areas, driveways and walkways.

    2. (2) Landscape features, fences, walls and hedges as regulated in Chapters 1142 and 1148 of the Planning and Zoning Code.

    3. (3) Lighting structures as regulated in Chapter 1150 of this Planning and Zoning Code, and flag poles.

    4. (4) Utility, maintenance, sanitation and storage facilities completely enclosed within permitted main buildings or suitably and attractively screened from view where such screening is in conformance with Section 1142.07 of the Planning and Zoning Code
      (Ord. 2019-39. Passed 8-13-19.)

1123.03   Area, yard and height regulations

In a Park District, land and structures shall be developed and maintained in accordance with the area, yard and height regulations as determined by the Planning and Zoning Commission in accordance with the stated intent of Section 1123.01 of this Planning and Zoning Code.
(Ord. 2019-39. Passed 8-13-19.)

1123.04   Screening

The Planning and Zoning Commission may require screening on the lot of a proposed use or development in a Park District wherever that lot adjoins a residential district. Such screening shall be required if deemed necessary by the Planning and Zoning Commission to protect the privacy, welfare, value and character of the adjoining residential area. The Planning and Zoning Commission shall determine if the standards for screening contained in Chapter 1142 of the Zoning Code shall apply.
(Ord. 2019-39. Passed 8-13-19.)