Chapter 1305: Plans and Drawings


Cross references

  • Plans for public buildings to be submitted - see Ohio R.C. 3791.04
  • Fees for plan approval - see Ohio R.C. 3791.07

1305.01   Consideration of applications

All applications, plans and specifications shall be dated by the Building Inspector and taken up in their regular order as received. No plans or specifications shall be passed out of their order unless buildings or structures are of a complex character which require prolonged examination and inspection.
(Ord. 1940-276. Passed 9-9-40.)

1305.02   Plot plan

The plot plan shall show the exact placement of all buildings, existing or to be erected, with distances from lot lines and setbacks, according to the following scale:

  1. (a) When the lot shown is less than 100 feet in its narrowest dimensions and 200 feet in length, the scale may be one-sixteenth or one-twentieth of an inch per foot;

  2. (b) When the lot exceeds either of the above dimensions, the scale may be one thirty- second or one-fortieth of an inch per foot.
    (Ord. 1940-276. Passed 9-9-40)

1305.03   Building plans

  1. (a) No building plans except those for minor alterations shall be approved unless such plans have been prepared by an architect.

  2. (b) All plans shall be neatly and legibly prepared in such a manner as to permit legible and serviceable copies to be made therefrom. Triplicate sets of such reproductions shall be submitted as part of each application for a building permit, except that applications for permits to make minor alterations need not be accompanied by reproductions of plans, when, in the opinion of the Building Inspector, such plans are unnecessary. It shall be the duty of the Inspector to examine plans and, upon approval, to stamp and attach his signature to each of the three sets submitted. He shall retain two of the stamped approved sets for his files and deliver one set to the applicant at the time of issuing the permit. A stamped and approved set of drawings shall be kept on the job for which a permit is issued from the beginning of construction until final acceptance of the work by the Inspector. If so requested at the time the triplicate reproductions of drawings are submitted, the Inspector shall stamp and approve a fourth set of drawings for the applicant.

  3. (c) No plans shall be approved unless all essential floor plans, elevations, cross-sections and details of construction are accurately shown, including horizontal and vertical dimensions, thickness of walls, dimensions and materials of supporting members and such other information as may be essential to illustrate completely the work covered by the application.
    (Ord. 1965-616. Passed 6-14-65.)

  4. (d) Whenever, in the opinion of the Inspector, the plans submitted include structural members, the size, proportions or design of which necessitate approval by a qualified structural engineer, he may require the applicant to furnish certification as to the sufficiency of the design by a registered structural engineer. The form of certification shall be subject to the approval of the Inspector.
    (Ord. 1980-5. Passed 1-28-80.)

  5. (e) The Inspector may waive the requirements as to certification when, in his opinion, such separate certification is unnecessary. The originals of all certifications and copies of all waivers of certification shall be made a part of the permanent files of the Inspector’s office.
    (Ord. 1965-616. Passed 6-14-65.)

1305.04   Specifications

Specifications shall be filed with all plans submitted with applications for construction permits and with all other applications for permits where, in the opinion of the Building Inspector, specifications are necessary in order to describe the work under consideration. All specifications shall completely and correctly describe the work to be performed, including the types and grades of materials to be used, the manner in which the work is to be performed and the make and grade of manufactured products, with complete, identifying descriptions of equipment to be installed.
(Ord. 1940-276. Passed 9-9-40.)

1305.05   Imperfect plans and specifications

If the matter mentioned in any application for a permit or in the plans and specifications accompanying and illustrating the same indicates to the Building Inspector that the work to be done is not clearly or specifically defined or is imperfect or is not in all respects in accordance with the provisions of this Building Code, he shall refuse to issue a permit until such application and plans and specifications have been made to conform in every respect with the requirements thereof. All plans not properly dimensioned shall be deemed incomplete.
(Ord. 1940-276. Passed 9-9-40.)

1305.06   Alteration or erasure of plans

No person shall erase, alter or modify any lines, figures or coloring contained upon any such drawings or specifications filed with the Building Inspector. If during the progress of the execution of such work, it is desired to deviate in any manner affecting the construction or other essential of the building from the terms of the application, plans or specifications, notice of such intention to alter or deviate shall be given in writing to the Inspector and his written assent shall be obtained before such alteration or deviation may be made. If such change or deviation affects the bearing or structural parts of such building, or its classification or grade of occupancy, new plans thereof shall be submitted to the Inspector for approval.
(Ord. 1940-276. Passed 9-9-40.)

1305.99   Penalty

(Editor’s note: See Section 1303.99 general Code penalty if no specific penalty is provided.)