Chapter 131: Fire Department

Editor’s note: House Bill 642, enacted by the 1965 session of the 106th Ohio General Assembly, established Ohio Revised Code Chapter 742 which created a Statewide disability and pension fund for policemen and firemen and abolished all municipal police and fire relief and pension funds as of January 1, 1967.

Cross references

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131.01   Department established; composition

There is hereby created and established for the Municipality a Fire Department for the protection and safety of the Village of Chagrin Falls.

Such Department shall consist of a part-time Fire Chief, to be appointed as provided by Article VII of the Charter, and such number of members as authorized by ordinance, to be appointed by Council, all of whom shall be volunteer members whose services shall be subject to call for attendance at fires and for maintenance and care of equipment whenever needed.
(Ord. 2000-87. Passed 11-13-00.)

131.02   Code of by-laws, rules and regulations

The volunteer members of the Fire Department shall be the members of an organization, not for profit, whose code of by-laws, rules and regulations shall be subject to the approval and supervision of Council and whose purpose of organization shall be that of acting as the Volunteer Fire Department of the Municipality and such surrounding territory, if any, as it desires to serve. Upon approval by Council of the code of by-laws, rules and regulations of the Fire Department, the members of the organization shall be the volunteer members of the Department established by this chapter. Any subsequent changes to such code of by-laws, rules and regulations shall not become effective unless approved by resolution of Council.

Any such code of by-laws may provide for officers lower in rank but in addition to the Fire Chief.
(Ord. 1930-142. Passed 12-8-30.)

131.03   Duties of firemen

The duties of the Volunteer Fire Department shall be to train for fire fighting and to fight fires in this Municipality and such surrounding territory as may be served by such Fire Department. Firemen shall also perform such other duties as are usually performed by firemen in other municipalities. Each of such volunteers shall be subject to call at any time and shall receive compensation as prescribed by Council.
(Ord. 1954-301. Passed 2-22-54. )

131.04   Monthly fire drill

The Volunteer Fire Department shall hold a fire drill at least once each month, at a time and place as directed by the Fire Chief. Each volunteer fireman performing his duties at such fire drill shall receive the compensation prescribed by Council for each drill.
(Ord. 1954-301. Passed 2-22-54.)

131.05   Employee rights of volunteer firemen

While the volunteer firemen are serving this Municipality, they shall be deemed employees and servants of this Municipality and shall be entitled to all of the privileges and be subject to all of the rules and regulations that fix the rights and duties of regularly-employed firemen in Ohio villages, except as such rights may be otherwise herein specified, limited or abridged. The Municipality shall, if it so desires, carry such insurance against loss or damage or injury to persons or property as it deems advisable.
(Ord. 1930-142. Passed 12-8-30.)