Chapter 1323: Ohio Building Code


Cross references

  • Adoption of technical codes - see Ohio R.C. 731.231
  • State building regulations do not prevent municipalities from making further regulations - see Ohio R.C. 3781.01
  • State examination of public buildings as to fire safety - see Ohio R.C. 737.34

1323.01   Application of state standards; conflict

In addition to all the conditions and requirements of this Building Code, the requirements of the Ohio State Building Code for all occupancies named in such Code, and all Building Code Rules and Regulations of the Ohio Board of Building Standards and all published building code requirements of the Division of Factory and Building Inspection of the Ohio Department of Industrial Relations shall represent the minimum requirements for all buildings proposed to be constructed and erected in the Municipality. Such requirements are hereby incorporated and made a part of this Building Code as if the same were written into such Building Code in their entirety. In case of conflict between them, the stricter provisions shall prevail.