Chapter 151: Land Reutilization Program


151.01   Adoption

  1. (a) The Village hereby declares that there exists sufficient and substantial nonproductive land within its boundaries which is of such nature and extent as to necessitate the implementation of a Land Reutilization Program to foster either the return of such nonproductive land to tax revenue generating status or the devotion thereof to public use.

  2. (b) The Village hereby adopts and implements and agrees to abide by the provisions of Chapter 5722 of the Ohio Revised Code governing Land Reutilization Programs.

  3. (c) The Chief Administrative Officer or his designee shall administer the program in accordance with this section and Chapter 5722 of the Ohio Revised Code.

  4. (d) The purchase of or sale of land within the Land Reutilization Program shall occur only after the passage of legislation by Council authorizing such action.
    (Ord. 2009-32. Passed 8-10-09.)