Chapter 715: Coin-Operated Machines


Cross references

  • Permitting use of or displaying gambling devices - see GEN. OFF. 513.02, 513.08
  • Use of counterfeit coins or slugs - see GEN. OFF. 537.08

715.01   Amusement machine defined

For the purposes of this chapter:

“Amusement machine” means any computer, individual computer terminal screen, or other interactive machine or mechanical or electrical device which, upon the payment or exchange of anything of value, permits a person or operator of such machine to play a game or try the skill of an operator or person using such machine. Such payment or exchange may include, but not be limited to, depositing a coin or token, entering an access number or code, or swiping a magnetic card.
(Ord .2011-67. Passed 10-24-11.)

715.02   Amusement machines prohibited

Whoever, within the Village, has in his possession or in his custody or under his control any amusement machine, table game or device commonly known as “pinball games” or “electronic amusement devices”, the operation, use or play of which is controlled by placing therein any coin, plate, disk, slug, key or other token, or by the payment of a fee, is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.
(Ord. 1981-34. Passed 8-10-81.)

715.03   Confiscation of amusement machines; premises where used

No person, being the owner or lessee, or having custody, control, or supervision of a restaurant, tavern, store, hall or other place of public accommodation, business, amusement or resort shall permit the premises to be used or occupied in violation of Section 715.02.

Any amusement machines existing within the Village in violation of this chapter shall be confiscated by the Chief of Police and disposed of pursuant to law.

Premises used or occupied in violation of this chapter constitute a nuisance subject to abatement pursuant to law.
(Ord. 1981-34. Passed 8-10-81.)

715.04   Exceptions

Nothing contained in this chapter shall be construed as pertaining to electrical or mechanical music devices, commonly called “juke boxes”, gumball machines, postage stamp dispensing machines and/or other similarly coin- operated machines.
(Ord. 1981-34. Passed 8-10-81.)

715.99   Penalty

Whoever violates any of the provisions of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, shall be subject to confiscation of the amusement machine, and shall be subject to be declared a nuisance which must be abated pursuant to law.
(Ord. 1981-34. Passed 8-10-81.)