Chapter 939: Underground Utilities


939.01   Purpose

The Village has invested considerable sums of money to provide capacity (i.e. conduit) so that certain utilities and similar uses, the services for which are frequently provided by cables, wires and similar facilities located on poles above ground, may be placed underground. In order to protect and preserve the aesthetics and property values of the Downtown District, it is the purpose of this chapter to ensure future utility services will locate such facilities underground.
(Ord. 2006-46. Passed 7-24-06.)

939.02   Downtown district

All public utilities, and similar uses, the services of which are conveyed over cables, wires or similar facilities, and which will be located in the Downtown District, shall be required to use existing underground conduit and other underground facilities for such cables, wires or similar facilities, as directed by the Chief Administrative Officer, and no poles or other above- ground structures may be erected or used for the support of such cables, wires or similar facilities. For purposes of this chapter, the Downtown District shall be those streets described in Section 903.02(c).
(Ord. 2006-46. Passed 7-24-06.)